Are you rewarding your customers?
The ultimate way to keep your business top of mind of your customers and keep them in the loop with what you have to offer.
“Do you have the email addresses of the 20 percent of your customer base that loves what you do? 
If not, start getting them. 
If you do, what could you make for these customers that would be superspecial?”
Let us help YOU
We can absolutely provide your customers deals that they will love and in return your business will stay top of mind for them and their friends - THE best way to gain repeat business!
"The More You Care, The More They'll Share"
Robyn Gipters
VIP Customers
Building a customer base that sticks with your business can be difficult; you need to influence, motivate and engage. With so much competition in the modern marketplace, loyalty programs can give you the edge - providing an incentive for customers to keep returning to your organisation.

Normally customer loyalty programs are utilised by the biggest companies due to the cost of implementation.  Our VIP Customer have now put this powerful tool in the hands of small to medium sized businesses. 
What can a customer rewards program do for your business?
  • Increase Your Customer Retention - its 25% more expensive to attract a new customer than it is to attract a new one.
  • Stimulates Referrals - when people are happy they want to share the love!
  • Returning Customers Spend More - it is reported returning customers spend 67% more than new customers. So it’s important to stay top of mind and in good favour with them.
  • Satisfied Customers Want To Spend More - its is reported that satisfied customers spend double those of unsatisfied ones.
  • Reason To Stay In Touch - most businesses simply touch base with customers to sell them something or not at all. With Our Vip Customer Loyalty Program customer will want to hear from you.
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The most cost effective way to gain repeat business.  Find out how inexpensive it can be!
About Our VIP
Our VIP Customer was created for Small to Medium Businesses who want to reward and thank their loyal customers.

It's a simple and extremely easy to use platform designed with the busy business owner in mind.

Our VIP Customer helps you make your customers feel like VIP’s by providing them with discounts and special offers to well known brands they know and love.

We help you say thank you, so your customers feel appreciated and in turn stay with you long term and recommend you to their friends.

Building loyal customers that stick around can be difficult. Businesses need to engage in positive ways with their customers. With so much competition in the marketplace today, saying thank you and rewarding customers can give you the edge.

  • Your customers get their own VIP Dashboard where they get to see all the offers available
  • Exclusive offers from leading brands including Coles, Kmart, Event Cinemas, Rebel, Village Cinemas, Vodafone, Fitness First, Dan Murphys….
  • Your own Exclusive Offers - if you would like to offer your own exclusive deals these can also be added to the platform
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